American Chordata
Issue 6, Winter 2018

Issue 6, Winter 2018

Nonfiction by Katherine Culligan

Fiction by Alex Ebel, Alun Evans, and Katherine Karlin

Poems by Kamden Hilliard, Mai Ivfjäll, Omotara James, Seth King, Tom McGlynn, Irene O’Garden, Triin Paja, D. Eric Parkison, Isadora Spangler, Kailey Tedesco, and Barbara Tramonte

Art and photography by Mikael Almehag, Jeroen Bocken, Antoine Bruy, Luc Choqueur, Mariana Cook, Maggie Corn, Judy Dater, Rubin Geehan Gore, Anna Hahoutoff, David Hlynsky, Martin Hyers, Shaun H. Kelly, Küchendienst, Amiko Li, Kelia Anne MacCluskey, Edgar Martins, William Mebane, Noma Osula, Cécilia Poupon, Akasha Rabut, Anna Roberts, Stuart Rome, Sasha Rudensky, Adrian Samson, Andy Sewell, Tatum Shaw, Dham Srifuengfung, and Lisa Starr

Cover painting by Abdi Farah
Cover design by Adly Elewa

Limited print edition
Full color
5.5 x 8.5 in., 208 pages
ISSN 2378-2560 (print)

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